maandag 18 mei 2009

My oldest best friend!

I just found my oldest best friend back! He's name is Alex and it's a TEDDYBEER!

I buyed him when I was 4 years old on a cruise to Sweden! We were there a lot because my grandmommy and granddaddy had there a house, My father lived in Sweden for I think round 10/15 years.

This beer means a lot to me, because when I buyed it, it was a present from my grandmommy and granddaddy. A few months later they died. Never forget you, Love you.

Well, now some nice things! I just took some pictures with my new camera and it seems he likes himself a lot. Haha, his name is ehm.. PIET! Hahahaha.

After school I always change my nice clothes for a stupid joggingssuit. On the pictures I'm wearing a Adidas jacket, a H&M t-shirt and a Vero Moda tregging.

1 opmerking:

Pretty Girl zei

Hey Melany,

ur teddybeer is still in good shape:)

I called by teddbeer Toby:):)