zondag 24 mei 2009

That was when I ruled the world.

Nice day turns on into hell.

Hey meiden,
Vandaag zou ik gaan varen maar de boot stuurde opeens niet.
We legde de boot dus weer aan aan de kant en mn vader maakte het luik open waar de motor in zat.
Hij kon zelf de fout niet vinden dus ging hij even wat mensen bellen
Het varen ging dus niet door. Ik dacht dus laat ik mijn tas is gaan pakken en ik stapte de boot in.

Athans dat dacht ik, ik viel in het luik in de motor.
Mn hele rug is nu blauw en met wonden en datzelfde geld voor mijn benen en armen!
Ook staat mn rechtersleutelbeen nu verkeerd.

Ik heb wel nog een foto van wat ik vandaag aanhad.

Dress: Coolcat, Glasses: Vogue, Bracelent: Kruidvat, Necklass: H&M, Bikini: H&M

vrijdag 22 mei 2009


Hey girls, Sorry that I haven't post something yesterday or today, that was because I was yesterday to the swimmingpool and today to Artis Amsterdam. That's a Zoo in the middle of Amsterdam. I made some pictures over there and I hope you'll like them!Much love, Melany.

woensdag 20 mei 2009

Look de jour!

Today the weather was so nice! The sun was shining and there was no cloud on the air!I love it!I was going to school from half past eight to half past twelve and after that I am free until sunday!At half past four I'm going to tennis, training for the game on saterday!My outfit today was a summer dress with a legging and flipflops!

dinsdag 19 mei 2009

Living the black-white life.

Pictures taken by: Me
On the pictures: Me

Today's look.

Today I was going to school what was so boring and after that I and my best friends were going to the city to buy a tent for the schooltrip!Omg, I really hate it!My outfit today was very simple and it doesn't look very good or something like that but I don't care!

Top: H&M, Gilet: H&M Divided, Jeans: G-Star, Shoes: Birckenstock, Necklass: -, Bracelent: Dyrberg/Kern, Ring: H&M.

maandag 18 mei 2009

My oldest best friend!

I just found my oldest best friend back! He's name is Alex and it's a TEDDYBEER!

I buyed him when I was 4 years old on a cruise to Sweden! We were there a lot because my grandmommy and granddaddy had there a house, My father lived in Sweden for I think round 10/15 years.

This beer means a lot to me, because when I buyed it, it was a present from my grandmommy and granddaddy. A few months later they died. Never forget you, Love you.

Well, now some nice things! I just took some pictures with my new camera and it seems he likes himself a lot. Haha, his name is ehm.. PIET! Hahahaha.

After school I always change my nice clothes for a stupid joggingssuit. On the pictures I'm wearing a Adidas jacket, a H&M t-shirt and a Vero Moda tregging.

The perfect man..

Just read it.

Today's Outfit

Today I just have school.BORING!But I only 've got 3 hours!Yeey, Lucky Me!After school I have to learn a lot, History and German!Hate it!And after that I'm going on the computer doing nothing and going to take some pictures I think? Well, Nevermind today 'cause today sucks!

Blazer: H&M, Blouse: Tommy Hilfiger MAN, T-shirt: L.O.G.G, Tregging: Vero Moda, Shoes: Birckenstock, Rings: H&M, Bracelents: Tovli, Necklass: H&M.