donderdag 9 april 2009

They call me.. MELANY.

I was bored and the sun was shining, so what are you going to do then?
Yes, taking pictures.

I like to take picture's, I don't know why it's just funny.
Hihi, The shirt I'm wearing on this picture's is from H&M.

Today, the weather was boring, It poured.. Not nice. And now rond Nine'O'Clock it's beautyfull! WHY NOW AND NOT AROUND TWO O'CLOCK?!

Oh, and BY THE WAY not all my pictures are grey. Hihi, Sorry I'm very bored So I'm writing everything I'm thinking off. HAHA.

I'm just listening a song right now and it makes me very happy, Our Song from Taylor Swift!
I really love her music, She has got a strong voice.

The blouse I'm wearing here is from Tommy Hilfiger -MAN.
And the ring is from H&M

Loves, Xox.

3 opmerkingen:

Rosanna zei

you look so pretty :)

fop zei

leuke foto's! alles is goed hoor, mj ook? Je blog is echt leuk!
knap dat je het allemaal in het 'engels' doet. ;p

fop zei

whaha. ja, het is echt vet lekker weer. ik kijk al helemaal uit naar de zomer! nou, toch vind ik het knap. ;d